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Watchmen Fanfic Directory

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Anybody , Moderated
A tags-based directory of Watchmen fanfic on LJ
This comm is meant to serve as a comprehensive, tags-based directory of Watchmen fanfic posted LiveJournal, particularly the kinkmemes. Off-LJ fics are welcome too. Anyone can post.

Please read the indexing guide before posting.

Comments on posts are for notifying the post author of index info (eg: bad links, new links, incorrect summary/rating) that needs to be changed. Please do comment if you notice a post in need of editing; you can do it anon if you want. Also please comment in an !admin post if you have edited a post to change its tags, summary, or title. Comments on fic posts get deleted after their cited issues have been resolved.

If you notice missing tags, just add them yourself.

You can use the !admin posts for general suggestions/questions/missing fic links/etc.


1 March 2012
CURRENT STATUS: 56 kinkmeme fics to be indexed.